A survey of Cyber Security and Way forward – What should be do in 2022 – fight or flight?

  • August 27, 2022
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According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), security services will represent the largest and fastest-growing business category in 2024, with global cyber security spending expected to reach $174.7 billion.

According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), security services will represent the largest and fastest-growing business category in 2024, with global cyber security spending expected to reach $174.7 billion.

Cyber Security

Cyber security and digital forensics are major topics these days, with numerous demanding concerns relating to security, identification, intrusion detection, enhanced threat detection, privacy preservation, and so on. This article’s main objective are how to protect computers from hackers and how to gather, store, assess, analyse, and present electronic evidence. With the quick development of adversarial tactics, current threats are becoming more complex and sophisticated in cyber space. The use of digital forensics in computer crime investigations has expanded beyond traditional investigations because to networked computers and portable electronic devices.

Digital Forensic

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Nowadays, almost every crime involves some type of digital evidence, and digital forensics offers the methods and tools for articulating these evidences. Information is also used in a variety of ways in digital forensics. Cyber Security breach investigations are important for information security because they provide information that can be utilised to create systems that are more secure.

Emergence of interconnectedness and Social Media

cyber security
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The need for suitable cyber security measures to protect the entire computing and communication situation arises from an increase in the usage of computers as a means of storing and retrieving high-security information. With the advent of social media and its technologies to defend networks and the cyber environment from numerous dangers, information security is becoming a top priority.

Future of Cryptography

Cryptography is the safe transmission of confidential information from one location to another so that only the intended recipients may decipher it. Modern public cryptography methods are hazardous as a result of the expanding research interest in quantum computing technologies.

The development of novel cryptography algorithms employing quantum computing methods is now under way. The developing topic of quantum cryptography relies on quantum physics concepts, which can be key in strengthening cyber security.

Cyber Crime

Constant increases in crime rates prompt a significant increase in computational resources for analysis. Any data that is being forensically investigated must be kept in the digital memory. Therefore, artificial intelligence is a new form of machine learning that is comprehensive for human minds and has the potential to store data on digital devices that can be retrieved when needed. The current artificial neural network uses deep learning, which provides neural networks, to identify offenders through the comparison of faces.

Here, one should concentrate on the computational forensic methods created with AI tools to identify and foretell potential crimes in the future. Additionally, a camera should have built-in controls and algorithms that may be used in forensic casework to effectively solve crimes.


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Viruses that encrypt a victim’s files are known as ransomware. When the victim pays the ransom, the attacker promises to give them access to their data again. Ransomware is a method of making money by encrypting a user’s files and holding the decryption key until the victim pays the attacker a ransom. All of the devices that are linked to the network must be fully accounted for and protected by an up-to-date security solution, according to organisations.

It’s critical to understand ransomware and its tactics if you want to keep your computer system safe from infection. We acquire greater understanding through the comparison of different ransomwares, detection methods, and preventative measures against ransomware assaults, which is vital for effective cyber security posture of an organisation.


What is the need of the hour in cyber security?

Rethinking the security technology stack is one way to combat complex new threats. Then, in order to strengthen your security posture, you must delegate cybersecurity decision-making to the business divisions. And finally, evolve and reframe the security practice to better manage cyber risk.

One more thing taking cue from Mr. Kevin Mitnick, identify the weakest link and fix the vulnerability yesterday!

Companies spend millions of dollars on firewalls, encryption and secure access devices, and it’s money wasted; none of these measures address the weakest link in the security chain.

Kevin Mitnick